Group Opposed to Healthy Utah Launches Attacks on Wyoming Medicaid Expansion Alternative

The Florida-based group opposed to Utah Gov. Gary Herbert's Healthy Utah plan is airing radio ads in Wyoming attacking that state's plan for an alternative to Medicaid expansion.

The Foundation for Government Accountability, which is behind the attacks on Healthy Utah, is airing the ads and sponsoring an online petition urging Governor Matt Meade to opposed expansion.

From Politico:

The group wants to keep Mead’s past “fresh in his mind” and activate public opposition to any expansion. “We’re honestly slightly confused as to why a strong conservative governor would be trying to push a plan that most of his constituents don’t support,” said the FGA’s Charles Siler. 

Jason Stevenson with the Utah Health Policy Project told in a statement:

“FGA is good at copy-pasting the same negative attack ads, whether they are targeting Wyoming, Indiana, or Utah. It’s a fact that tens of thousands of working Utah families lack affordable health insurance, and that Utah’s leaders have been working on a Utah-based solution for more than two years. We need to listen to Utah’s voices, not these out-of-state groups trying to scare us.”

Here's the radio ad: reached out to a local representative of FGA for comment.