Trouble on the Horizon for Lee in 2016

The GOP establishment in Utah, with financial backing from Jon Huntsman Sr. and other business leaders, is gearing up to mount a strong 2016 primary challenge to Sen. Mike Lee.

Reports Politico:

“All I can say is Mike Lee is an embarrassment to the state of Utah,” Huntsman said in an interview, calling Lee “an extremist” for his role in the government shutdown fight that he said cost his cancer research institute millions in federal dollars and hurt small businesses affected by the closure of national parks. “He’s been a tremendous embarrassment to our family, to our state, to our country to have him as a U.S. senator.”

Huntsman, who has longstanding ties to Lee’s family, added: “He’s tried to come in and see me several times. … I have no interest whatsoever in chatting with him.”

Asked if he had a response to Huntsman, Lee simply said: “I don’t.”