Podcast: Sen. Orrin Hatch Talks About the 114th Congress and Mitt Romney in 2016

The 114th Congress gets down to work this week. 

With the new Republican majority in the Senate, Sen. Orrin Hatch becomes one of the most influental members of that body as the new chair of the Senate Finance Committee and President Pro Tempore. Hatch discusses the prospects for passing legislation during the next Congress and whether he thinks President Obama will be able to compromise with the GOP.

Hatch also tells Managing Editor Bryan Schott he wishes Mitt Romney would run again for president in 2016. "Mitt learned a lot in 2012, but he didn't have good campaign management. I don't think Mitt will do it, but I think he would win going away this time around."

As for whether he will call it quits at the end of his current term in 2018? "I've said that I'm not going to run again, but nobody should foreclose. If I was in the middle of tax reform or other important issues, I'd do what's in the best interest of my country and my state."