National Headlines 1-6-15

Majority Rules: A field guide to the new Republican Congress (Politico)

Four centrist Democrats buck Pelosi (The Hill)

The Republicans who voted against Boehner for Speaker (The Hill)

Retribution for Boehner foe? (The Hill)

Ex-Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell gets 2 years for corruption (Associated Press)

Republicans push Keystone bill, White House threatens veto (The Hill)

Boehner elected to 3rd term as House speaker, as GOP takes control of Congress (FOX News)

Jeb Bush And The Return of ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ (NBC News)

Biden and the kids of Congress steal the show on opening day (USA Today)

Homeland Security Watchdog Recommends Grounding Border Drones (Daily Caller)

Man Claiming to Be Top Kony Aide Surrenders to U.S. Forces in Africa (Wall Street Journal)