Which Member of Utah’s Congressional Delegation Will Have the Most Impact?

The 114th Congress got down to work last week. Our "Political Insiders" think Sen. Orrin Hatch in his role as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee is poised to get the most done this session.

47% of our Republicans, 71% of Democrats and 42% of our readers think Hatch will have the most impact. 

Other members of Utah's delegation hold powerful positions in Congress: Rep. Chaffetz is Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Bishop is Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee while Sen. Lee is a member of leadership as a counsel to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Selected anonymous comments:

"Chaffetz focus will be on using his committee to slander Dems for 2016. He's a partisan, not a legislator. I expect Senator Hatch will do the most actual work."

"Hatch is the only one who has the ability to work with the other side."

"Bishop will get more done for Utah than any of the rest…and you'll likely hear very little about it given that he's not a camera chaser like some others in the delegation (cough**Chaffetz**cough)."

"Rep. Bishop will quietly have the most influence. Hopefully, he continues his efforts in finding land use and designation compromises rather than being pulled into the false 'Take back our lands' fight."

"Senator Hatch will chair the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over two-thirds of the federal budget. Furthermore, Senate Hatch is now President Pro-Tem of the Senate, which means that he will play a role in every decision made."

"Chaffetz will make a lot of headlines with his oversight committee, but Hatch will have the most actual influence on policy."

"Chaffetz is aggressive, sometimes even reasonable, and has won a sweet chairmanship. Lee could have more impact, but almost assuredly in a very negative way."

"Mia Love will be the darling of the Republican Party. She will become as famous as Sarah Palin – they are cut from the same cloth."

"Rep. Love will be shepherded into the national spotlight, she will get MVP treatment from the RNC."

"If R's decide to work with the Administration, Hatch. If not, Lee. Because the latter seems more likely: it's Lee."