Chaffetz on Bush 2016: ‘Been There, Done That’

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, underwhelmed by the prospect of another Bush-Clinton presidential showdown, says he’ll work to convince conservatives to support Mitt Romney’s possible bid.

Reports The Washington Post:

“Regardless of what Mitt Romney does, I don’t know how excited anybody could be with Jeb Bush’s candidacy,” said Chaffetz, the chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. “I’ll support the nominee, and Bush he gets the nomination I’ll support him. But I want to win the White House and I don’t like the idea of another Bush-Clinton race. Been there, done that.”

“Three different Bushes aren’t necessarily a fresh face,” Chaffetz added, referencing the political pedigree of the former Florida governor, who is the son and brother of former presidents.

Chaffetz said Romney called him on Saturday to “assure me that the story was true” about his recent moves toward launching a third campaign for the White House. Chaffetz told the 2012 GOP presidential nominee that he would back him, should Romney formally enter the contest.