Natural Resources and Environment

The 2015 Public Policy Guide will be released prior to the upcoming legislative session; the policy team will release a series of weekly broad based policy topics that will be featured in the new guide.

The 2015 Public Policy Guide strives to obtain community prosperity through investment and will address Utah’s utilization of natural resources and environment.

Utah has inherited spectacular natural resources and environment that help support our growing economy. Utah’s irreplaceable natural environment provides recreational opportunities that increase tourism and quality of life, thus attracting new companies and employees to strengthen our economy. We will support and partner with the Office of Outdoor Recreation, Office of Global Branding, Tourism and Film and other key partners to support and foster growth in the tourism sector of our economy. Utah’s environment is essential to maintaining our business climate and supporting our community, therefore we must thoughtfully balance economic interests.

Utah has vast and diverse energy and mineral resources ensures access to reasonably priced energy, creates jobs, supports rural economic development and provides a solid foundation for broader economic strength. We support policies that encourage and facilitate appropriate energy and mineral production and that preserve and strengthen Utah’s competitive advantages.

Our air quality also has lasting implications on our state’s ability to retain and attract new businesses and employees. Utah must increase transportation funding and increase funding to expand public transit and active transit to decrease idling cars, increase public transit usage and clean our air. The Chamber has taken an active role by implementing several public education campaigns to increase public awareness and

We support continued efforts in promoting water conservation, including reducing per-capita consumption by 25 percent by the year 2025 (as compared to the year 2000). We will strongly promote the best practices and innovation in water utilization for businesses.Utah’s economy will achieve prosperity through responsible investments in utilizing its natural resources and environment.

Additional information concerning the Chamber’s policy priorities and the release of the guide will be available in the upcoming weeks. The guide will be released on January 22.