Local Headlines 1-27-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Jason Chaffetz’s power play has a familiar ring

Even with a surplus, Utah lawmakers eye budget cuts

New recommendations for medical marijuana encourage Utah parents of epileptic kids

Utah Legislature opens with familiar issues, commitment to solutions

Legislative fixes for Utah’s air quality likely to come down to money

Utah Legislature: Will competing bills on gay rights, religious freedom get hearings?

Utah chief justice: Drugs, alcohol underlie 80% of crimes; more funding for treatment a must

Deseret News

Op-ed: Blueprint for a better future

Linda Harless: School choice empowers families

Derek B. Miller: Utah to benefit from international trade partnerships awaiting federal approval

Editorial: It’s time to end the federal gas tax

Lawmakers consider Medicaid expansion, health care options for Utah’s uninsured

New House Speaker Greg Hughes urges legislators to engage in ‘big, hard fights’

Utah Supreme Court justice calls for criminal justice reform in State of Judiciary address

Utah lawmakers to weigh alcohol laws, public health issues

Utah residents rank air pollution as No. 1 threat to quality of life

Air pollution looms as pressing issue for families and lawmakers


Brad Wilson: What to do with Utah’s modest budget surplus? (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: How to battle inversions (Standard-Examiner)

Legislature begins: northern Utah lawmakers back broad range of bills (Standard-Examiner)

Utah’s Chief Justice urges lawmakers to fund more drug and alcohol treatment (Standard-Examiner)

Bear Lakers raise issues over Rep. Curt Webb’s access bill (Logan Herald Journal)

Legislature opens with memories of Lockhart, review of top issues (Logan Herald Journal)