Florida-Based Group Runs Radio Ads Opposing Healthy Utah

The Florida-based Foundation for Government Accountability is launching a radio ad opposing Governor Gary Herbert's Healthy Utah alternative to Medicaid expansion.

The ad uses voice clips from President Obama and Nancy Pelosi while drawing a direct parallel between Healthy Utah and ObamaCare:

"Remember all the promises they made about Obamacare? Remember how great it would be? They promised us they would save money. And, even though we didn't want it, they passed the bill anyway. So now the governor wants to pass Healthy Utah. Healthy Utah is really just bigger taxpayer funded Obamacare. So now, we're hearing more promises. Healthy Utah will save us money. It's only for the truly needy who can't work. It won't cost us money because the feds will pay for it. They must think we're really stupid. Now is the time to speak out. Tell them we're through with phony promises."

The ad urges listeners to visit their website and sign a petition opposing Healthy Utah.

In an email release, FGA CEO Tarren Bragdon said “The so-called “Healthy Utah” plan isn’t about Utah principles, it’s about a handful of Republicans trying to curry favor from Washington politicians by expanding the welfare state to working-age, non-disabled adults who don’t work,

“We’ve sponsored these ads to remind people of the lies ObamaCare activists have used to sell ObamaCare and to show them how those same lies and broken promises are being used today to try and bring Washington schemes to Utah through the “Healthy Utah” Medicaid welfare expansion plan.”

The same group sent out mailers in November that were similar to a campaign they ran in Indiana opposing that state's alternative to Medicaid expansion.

A poll taken in September shows 2/3 of Utahns support Healthy Utah, while 55% support full Medicaid expansion. When given a choice between the two, 54% of Utahns say they would choose Healthy Utah while just 23% would prefer full Medicaid expansion.

According to Sourcewatch, the Foundation for Government Accountability is affiliated with ALEC and a member of the Koch-funded State Policy Network.