Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: What Will Lawmakers Do with Medicaid in 2015?

Utah Lawmakers are considering a number of plans for Medicaid expansion this session. Our "Political Insiders" and readers seem to think Gov. Herbert's Healthy Utah plan has the best chance of passing in 2015.

Selected anonymous comments:


"If not the Healthy Utah Plan, What's left that is effective? It should be political suicide to do otherwise."

"Lawmakers need to just get this done!"

"They will do whatever punishes the poorest of the poor the most and saves the most money for the wealthiest of the wealthy."

"Frail Utah will do as it's name implies, leave our state frail. We have a chance to cover working families through Healthy Utah. Let's be brave."

"The Governors plan has the support of a lot of key members. Pres. Niederhauser is someone who, while still hedging his bet, has said he's leaning to Healthy Utah."

"If we have enough money to move the prison, why do we not have enough money to help the poor, or fund education reasonably, for that matter? Is it because so few school students or poor people are real estate developers who would make a bundle?"

"Should not be expanded. I hope they do nothing."

"Once leadership gets on board, everyone gets on board. It won't be without significant compromise, however."