New .VOTE and .VOTO Domains Now Available

Monolith Registry, a venture backed by global registry services provider Afilias, announced today that registration is now open to the public for two new generic top-level domains: “dot VOTE” or .VOTE, and its Spanish/Italian/Portuguese counterpart “dot VOTO” or .VOTO.

The new .VOTE and .VOTO domains are designed to help elected officials, governments, candidates and organizations get information to voters such as candidate materials, voter registration information, ballot initiatives, and referendums. The space is designed to help solve the chronic problem of misleading political sites in unrestricted domains such as .com; .VOTE and .VOTO sites should support more honest political discourse.

While registration is open to all, registration policies require, among other things, that there be an obvious connection between the domain name and the registrant’s activities in the democratic process. Also, no deceptive names may be registered. Audits will be performed regularly to ensure compliance with the policies.

“This is the perfect time to launch .VOTE and .VOTO, particularly in the U.S. as the 2016 presidential election cycle is heating up,” said Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias. “Finally, there is a responsible space on the Internet to help offset the anticipated blitz of negativism in today’s election climate. An environment of honesty and respect – that’s what candidates and voters need and want!”

All interested individuals or organizations can now register with any .VOTE or .VOTO authorized registrar.

For more information about the .VOTE and .VOTO domains, please visit: and