National Headlines 2-19-15

Jeb, the Introvert (Politico)

Benjamin Netanyahu takes another swipe at the White House (Politico)

Obama plays defense on Islam (The Hill)

Warren acknowledges 2016 supporters, says public ‘ready to fight back’ (The Hill)

Covered California Sends Out 100,000 Inaccurate Tax Forms; About 1 In 8 Get Wrong Info (Associated Press)

‘Superbug’ Outbreak Raises Questions About Medical Scope (Associated Press)

Team Christie brushes off reports Jeb Bush is scooping up all the donors (CNN)

Hillary Clinton’s Complex Corporate Ties (Nasdaq)

Obama accused of skirting Islamic extremist threat, at ‘summit without substance’ (FOX News)

Mother Jones accuses Bill O’Reilly of hyping his war-zone experiences (Washington Post)

Giuliani defends Obama criticism, says president doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism (FOX News)