National Headlines 2-22-15

DHS chief: Be ‘careful’ at Mall of America after terror threat (The Hill)

Dems cash in with Oscar picks (The Hill)

What ISIS Really Wants (Atlantic)

Sure, Obama loves America — just not the America we live in (New York Post)

Kayla Mueller’s Dad Tells ‘Today’ Show: Policy Trumped Lives (Associated Press)

New poll finds Americans think rich should be taxed more (Christian Science Monitor)

Marketing wizards to help sell Clinton brand for 2016 White House bid? (Economic Times)

Homeland Secretary Johnson suggests term ‘violent extremism’ used at behest of Muslim leaders (FOX News)

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian (Washington Post)

Ten days that shook the euro; how Greece came to the brink (Reuters)

GOP governors in Maryland, Tennessee offer voluntary employee buyouts to reduce government (FOX News)