Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Should the ‘Count My Vote’ Compromise be Delayed?

The Utah GOP claims they don't have enough time to implement the changes contained in the "Count My Vote" compromise passed by lawmakers last year, so they're asking for the deal to be delayed until 2018. Our "Political Insiders" on both sides of the aisle aren't buying it and think the deal should go into effect in 2016.

65% of the Republicans on our panel and 96% of the Democrats think the compromise reached between lawmakers and "Count My Vote" last year should stay as is.

Already in the 2015 session lawmakers have beat back one attempt to push the date back to 2018.

Normally, we try to include the responses from our readers to this question as well, but this week we are omitting them because of blatant manipulation attempts like this one from the Utah GOP. However, we are very appreciative of the effort because it helped to boost our traffic numbers. 


Selected anonymous comments:

"The Utah GOP is playing games and looking like idiots. Is this really my political party?"

"Major changes like this should always be given time to be implemented correctly. If the party says they need time, give it to them."

"This is beyond ridiculous now. The deal has been made and us Republicans, who supposedly love the 'rule of law,' need to honor the law."

"James Evans is an embarrassment to the Republican Party – and I'm a Republican"

"Those whiny babies are like my kids when they get sent upstairs to clean their room. They have plenty of time, they just don't want to do it."

"The request for delay is a sham. Businesses typically get six months to adjust to a complicated tax change. The Republican Party should be able to make a policy change in two years time."

"The GOPs arguments are becoming farcical. I really wish James Evans had the cojones to just come out and say that the major reason they want to delay implementation of SB54 is so Mike Lee won't have to face primary voters in 2016."

"It's simply a delay tactic. If they had gotten on the job last year, instead of waiting to sue in their little bait-and-switch routine, they'd be ready. Their flouting of the law should not excuse them from obeying it."

"It is embarrassing that the Utah GOP cannot comply with state law in two years. The Chairman's cynical ploy is clearly not about delay, but about taking yet another attempt to defeat the people's will. Shameful!"

"The Utah Republican Party Central Committee, as presently constituted, will never agree to the provisions of SB 54, and so they cannot be believed when they say they merely want a delay."

"The idea that a "deal is a deal" is laughable. The Utah Republican Party was not party to the "deal" but is being forced to adhere a well funded special interest and the legislature. It was passed too quickly and without proper vetting to identify the numerous problems that will arise by its adoption. A delay at least will allow for more time to understand how to implement this boondoggle and to determine the constitutionality of it. Let the courts do their job and then let's be sensible about the timing on this."

"They have already wasted a year, time to take their heads out of the sand and act. They can call a convention this year at any point between January and Sept with only 8 days notice required. I bet the UTGOP is scared to know where the constituency is on this so not acting gives plausible deniability."

"It is pretty damn disingenuous for the party to have done nothing to move towards compliance during the past year, and now claim they don't have enough time to comply."

"They're either totally incompetent or they're scamming us. We can certainly expect both from closed, non competitive systems."

"The State Party's reputation and integrity are on the line, and they should honor their commitment."

"The GOP isn't being honest about what it can and can't do. They should stop playing games with things that are so important to the state and its people. Enough is enough."

"Passed and signed last year: that makes it a law now, right? Do I get extra time to obey laws I don't like, now, too? Special privilege much, Utah GOP?"

"The Utah GOP either is absurdly incompetent, or they're being untruthful. We at the Democratic Party will be ready, and it won't take up much terms of time or other resources to do so. It's not difficult."

"If they have the where-with-all to organize for neighborhood caucus meetings. .they can do this. This is red herring and it's whining."

"Please. The Utah GOP had no intention of ever complying. This is a late-in-the-game tactic to try and stall the inevitable."