Former Sen. Bob Bennett Announces He Has Pancreatic Cancer

Former Sen. Bob Bennett said via his Facebook page Wednesday that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Bennett says there is "no firm prognosis" at this time.
Bennett also says he will enter treatment at Johns Hopkins University on Friday.
The full text of his Facebook post:

There have been a number of inquiries about my health from friends and former associates, expressing a solicitude for me that is very heartwarming. In response, I can now confirm that I have pancreatic cancer. At this stage, there is no firm prognosis.



I will be entering a treatment regime at Johns Hopkins University, with my first appointment set for Friday. The doctors are hopeful that a combination of chemotherapy and radiation can shrink the tumor to a point where it will become operable. As important milestones are reached, I will post further reports. All of us in the family express our deep gratitude for all of the expressions of comfort that we have received.