Love: House Standing Strong Against Obama’s Illegal Amnesty

Rep. Mia Love praises House Speaker John Boehner for refusing to budge in the DHS funding showdown.

Reports Roll Call:

Amid new speculation that John A. Boehner’s speakership somehow hangs in the balance as Republicans struggle with the Department of Homeland Security funding standoff, freshman Rep. Mia Love said maybe it’s Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who should be worried.

In an interview with a Philadelphia radio station at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, the Utah Republican said she’s “standing strong” in the House-led effort to defund the president’s executive actions on immigration.

“I was so incredibly proud in January when we passed the Homeland Security funding bill and defunded the executive act by the president,” she told Talk Radio 1210 WPHT host Dom Giordano.

“I was so excited that we were able to say, ‘We are going to defund this president’s unconstitutional policy that he is pushing through.’ I am telling you that I am standing strong. I would like to just say that we have a leader in the Senate that is supposed to do his job and get the six votes that he needs in order to get this bill passed and if he can’t do it, we need to get somebody else to do it.”