National Headlines 9-15-13

Obama says Iran shouldn’t misinterpret U.S. response to Syria (Washington Post)

President Obama: ‘Less concerned about style points’ (Politico)

Obama vows no debate on debt ceiling (The Hill)

Pentagon drafts security options for Syrian disarmament (The Hill)

Angry House Republicans demand better communication (The Hill)

Suspected death toll rises from Colorado floods as nearly 500 unaccounted for (CNN)

Many US Bridges Old, Risky and Rundown (Associated Press)

Assad government hails ‘victory’ in arms deal, troops attack (Reuters)

Biden and Clinton: Friends With Awkward Twist (New York Times)

Free speech icon’s tour aims to encourage student action (USA Today)

Obama to mark 5-year anniversary of U.S. financial crisis (Reuters)

Campaign source: AG Coakley to announce run for Mass. Gov. on Monday (NECN)