Bush, Clinton are Frontrunners for 2016 Nomination Among Utahns

Here's how you can tell it may be too early to start talking about the next election. Utahns say they're mostly undecided who they support for the 2016 presidential nomination.

Our latest UtahPolicy.com survey asked who they would line up behind for the Republican and Democratic nomination, the most popular answer for both parties was "don't know." After that, Utahns say the Republicans they'd be most likely to support are former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (14%), Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (12%) and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (12%).

Among possible Democratic candidates, "don't know" was again the most popular answer. That was followed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (20%), Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (14%) and Vice President Joe Biden (8%).

Utah Republicans mostly favor Jeb Bush (21%), followed by Scott Walker (14%) and Rand Paul (10%).
Utah's Democrats are more decided on who they would like to be their standard bearer in 2016. Not surprisingly, 56% say they would like to see Hillary Clinton as the nominee. 25% picked Elizabeth Warren, and just 4% said Joe Biden.
Among possible Republican candidates, independent voters slightly favor Rand Paul (20%) for Republicans and Hillary Clinton (20%) for the Democrats.
Maybe it's hangover from the Clinton years, but Utah Republicans do not want to see Hillary Clinton on the ballot. Just 5% of GOP voters say they would support Clinton as the Democratic nominee.
Our survey was conducted by Dan Jones and Associates from March 3-5, 2015. They asked 406 registered voters via telephone and online means. The margin of error is +/- 4.86%