Local Headlines 3-16-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Rolly: Jon Huntsman works from outside on national issues

Op-ed: Three things Utah governments can do to let in more light

Op-ed: Don’t let Mountain Accord opportunity pass without speaking up

Editorial: Time for another Utah peace treaty

Rolly: Republican strategist has Herbert in his sights

Lawmakers provide cash infusion to Farmington Bay nature center, fight endangered species protections

Bill promises to bring ‘peace’ to fractious Salt Lake County communities

Prison bill has sweetener that seems tailor-made for Salt Lake City

You’ll pay more for gas in Utah — here’s how legislators made it happen

Obama clearly loves cities — Salt Lake City in particular

Would Google Fiber bridge the digital divide in Salt Lake City?

Consultants raking in millions on Utah’s anti-fed campaigns

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Utah’s Super Bowl/World Series of legislative sessions

Drew Clark: A Utah compromise reconciling gay rights and religious freedom?

Khosrow Semnani: Congress can get tough on Iran by channeling Reagan’s tactics

John Florez: The Deedee Corradini I knew

Editorial: Legislative wrap — anti-discrimination, religious liberty bills overshadow other successes, disappointments

Legislative session wraps up with $510 million in new money for schools

Tighter e-cigarette regulations await governor’s signature

Gov. Herbert: Emotion overriding logic in Healthy Utah debate

Rep. Bishop, Utah farmers fire back on federal groundwater proposal

Will Utah bury nation’s leftover depleted uranium?

Community preservation bill creates governance options for Salt Lake County

Utah to have nation’s first white collar crime offender registry

Will the 2015 Legislature lead to better outcomes for students?

Utah anti-bias, religious rights law could be model for other states

Intergenerational poverty education initiative on hold until 2016

Q and A: Jim Matheson talks politics past, present, future

Lawmakers increase gas tax, allow local increases for transportation

Residents raise concerns about Mountain Accord plan


Editorial: Utah’s presidential caucus limits participation (Daily Herald)

Jason Chaffetz: Immigration: Don’t fix one illegal action with another (Daily Herald)

Todd Weiler: Marijuana legislation was poorly drafted (Standard-Examiner)

Op-ed: We need a learner-centered approach in Utah education (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Let the the voters decide on medical marijuana (Standard-Examiner)

Lawmakers pass 528 bills, but leave Medicaid expansion until later (Standard-Examiner)

USU, higher education officials celebrate successes at Legislature (Logan Herald Journal)

Editorial: Mountain Accord must move forward (Park Record)

Medicaid expansion fails as ideology trumps finances (Park Record)