Local Headlines 3-20-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Take a hard look at environment and birth

How the path of the Utah immigration debate turned a corner

Bob Wells guided Park City through turbulent times

Utah sends $500K more to unexplained wolf delisting efforts

State school board backs away from veto request on bill that could leave AP, IB vulnerable

Gov. Herbert eying veto of bill that would block ban on wood burning

Rolly: Memo to Becker: Orange doesn’t go well with green on St. Pat’s Day

Utah professor urges caution in altering DNA of unborn babies

Deseret News

Henri Sisneros: Thanks to Founding Fathers, happiness is a right for all Americans

Op-ed: Utah’s seniors support Sen. Hatch’s efforts with health care coverage

Greg Bell: Politicians should remember that Patton-attributed adage, ‘All glory is fleeting’

Editorial: With hundreds of thousands of Utah children at risk, intergenerational poverty needs prompt action

State School Board won’t seek veto of education code bill

Gov. Herbert ‘leaning toward’ signing firing squad bill


Community leaders address air quality improvements (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: Changing Utah’s education mission (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Give voters options (Standard-Examiner)

Kaysville receives special vote considerations (Standard-Examiner)