Hatch Compares Online Piracy to Obamacare

Sen. Orrin Hatch says online piracy is damaging the economy, and compared it to the potential for fraud under Obamacare.

Hatch made his comments at an event hosted by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. He said piracy costs jobs and is growing at a rapid rate.

As for the comparison to Obamacare? From The Hill:

“It’s an open field for con artists if we don’t do it right,” he said, speaking about the healthcare exchanges set to launch on Oct. 1. “We have to make sure the American people don’t get ripped off even more.”

Hatch expressed concerns about the impact of piracy on the movie industry, noting the Disney recently spent $8 million in Utah to film “The Lone Ranger.”

“More piracy means more studios will have fewer resources to invest in local economies,” Hatch said.