Poll: Utahns Say England is Our Greatest Ally while North Korea is America’s Greatest Enemy

Utahns say England is America's greatest ally on the world stage while North Korea and Iran are the country's biggest enemies.

A new UtahPolicy.com survey conducted by Dan Jones and Associates finds 45% of registered voters in the Beehive State say England is our greatest ally, followed by Canada, Israel, and Japan. 

When asked which country is America's greatest enemy, 29% of Utahns said North Korea while Iran, Russia, and China were behind.


Surprisingly Mexico did not make the list of allies in our poll.

China was the only country that made both lists, with 8% of Utahns saying they were America's greatest enemy while 2% said they were the country's biggest ally.

The survey was conducted for UtahPolicy.com by Dan Jones and Associates on March 2-5, 2015. 406 registered voters were surveyed via telephone, cell phone, and online means. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.86%.