National Headlines 4-2-15

The gray areas in the Iran deal (Politico)

Kerry’s Last Grasp at Greatness (Politico)

GOP senator to Lynch: Would you investigate Hillary Clinton? (The Hill)

Top Dems voice ‘great skepticism’ over Iran deal (The Hill)

Indiana, Arkansas pass revised religious freedom proposals (New York Times)

Two New York City women accused of planning ‘terrorist attack’ (Reuters)

Why historic shift on gay marriage isn’t likely for Republicans (Christian Science Monitor)

GOP Sen. Mark Kirk backs Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch (CBS News)

If Hillary doesn’t run in 2016, here are 10 Democrats who could (Christian Science Monitor)

Hillary Clinton email scandal underscores State Department cybersecurity woes (Washington Times)

Ted Cruz takes 2016 campaign to the air with Easter-weekend TV buys (Washington Post)