DHS Secretary Apologizes to Chaffetz

Jeh Johnson calls to personally apologize to Rep. Jason Chaffetz for last week’s Secret Service leak revealing that Chaffetz was rejected for a job at the elite agency in 2003.

Reports The Hill:

Since grabbing the Oversight gavel in January, Chaffetz has been a vocal critic of the Secret Service’s top brass and has led a House probe into numerous security lapses at the agency, including a March incident involving two intoxicated agents who interrupted an active bomb threat investigation.

Revelations that Chaffetz had applied — and been rejected — for a job at the Secret Service sometime around 2003 was first reported Thursday by The Daily Beast.

Chaffetz, in an interview with The Washington Post, said he had unsuccessfully applied for a job as a Secret Service agent in a Western field office. He did not even make it to the interview stage, and thinks he was turned down because, in his mid-30s, he was perceived as being too old.

“I won’t be intimidated, but I’m sure that’s what it’s intended to do,” Chaffetz told the Post.