Joint Statement Supporting Bipartisan Approach to E-Fairness

Following a meeting this morning, Gov. Gary Herbert (Vice Chair of the National Governors Association), Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker (President of the National League of Cities), Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors), Sen. Curtis Bramble (President-Elect of the National Conference of State Legislators) issued a joint statement:

Today, we had a rare opportunity to meet together, as leaders of four of the largest associations of elected officials in the United States, to discuss how we can work together in a bipartisan spirit, to address our shared goals and issues that are important to our constituents. We had a good discussion on a number of those issues, most notably our strong desire to see Congress close the online sales tax loophole and pass e-fairness legislation this session.

As leaders in local and state government, we know the importance of creating a level playing field between our brick-and-mortar community businesses and online retailers.  This would also allow consumers to have more choices through fair competition. Collecting already owed sales taxes means more money for state and local governments to provide basic local services such as maintaining roads and hiring police officers, without increasing the overall federal deficit.