Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Who Will Be the Nominee in 2016?

The race for 2016 is underway. Our "Political Insiders" think Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are most likely to face off for the White House next year.

Only the Democrats on our panel give majority vote to the idea that Bush will be the Republican nominee, while virtually everybody picks Hillary Clinton to be at the top of the Democratic ticket in 2016.

Our Republican insiders seem split between Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.


Selected anonymous comments:

"As a faithful — and patient — Republican, this list is a little scary. I can only hope another successful Republican governor with less baggage throws his/her hat in the ring."

"The GOP will, in the end, opt for actions over rhetoric and select a Governor. Actually having run something other than your mouth will be what makes voters comfortable in the end."
"He is not my first choice but I think the smart money is on Rubio. He is the fall back guy for Bush bundlers. If Bush does not make a huge showing in Iowa and New Hampshire all those resources will then go to Rubio who will go on to win the nomination and the White House."
"The whole idea of a GOP nominee leaves me exhausted. Let the warring begin. Which by the way leaves the Democratic party plenty of time to solidly their base and bring new blood on board. When will we ever learn?"
"None of the names are 'electable'. The GOP loses the presidency again because they piddle around with a cast of fools."
"Please someone else other than Hillary"
"As a campaigner, Clinton is pitiful. If gaffes and PR missteps were rakes in a room, her ability to step on each and every one and have it smack her in the face would make Wile E. Coyote jealous. However, in spite of this, she'll win the nomination. O'Malley isn't charismatic enough, despite his strong record as governor, to mount a big enough challenge."
"Hillary thinks she has it sewn up. I don't think she does."
"The woman who married the man from Hope will be the Democratic nominee."
"A good proportion of the liberal wing of the Democrats would like to see Elizabeth Warren, but it will take her another four years to 1) show the far left Demos that she will not be their puppet, and 2) show the rest of the country that she is more moderate than they have been led to believe."