Uintah County is the ‘Most Republican’ in Utah

Even though Utah County is a GOP stronghold, it's not the "reddest" county in the state. That honor belongs to Uintah County.

24/7 Wall Street looks at the "most Republican" county in every state. Uintah comes out on top. Here's why.

Uintah County is the most Republican county in Utah, with 90% of its 2012 vote cast for Romney. Relatively fewer people in the county lived in poverty from 2009 through 2013 than across the nation. Additionally, the county was predominantly white, with 85.6% of its 33,722 residents identifying solely as white. Relatively few Uintah County residents had a college education. Only 16.2% of residents had at least a bachelor’s degree, far below the comparable national figure of 28.8%.