Local Headlines 9-19-13

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: Prison question: Would a new one really be better?

Rolly: County GOP’s picnic goes head to head with guv’s gala

Seeking document mills leads to human trafficking operations

Count My Vote launches effort for direct Utah primaries

Utah joins nation in increased use of life sentences, report finds

Report: Secure electronic signatures on petitions are feasible

Should Utah pay teachers more to boost test scores?

Fed policies are choking oil and gas in Utah, report says

Utah’s Tolman to Congress: End mandatory federal sentences

1 in 5 Utah families can’t afford enough food, survey says

House adopts Lee’s Obamacare strategy — Now what?

Deseret News

Op-ed: State school board needs election, not selection

Richard Davis: Raise the debt ceiling, then talk about spending less

Editorial: Utahns should wish Greg Bell well

Sen. Mike Lee teams up with powerful Democrat for sake of economy

Poverty in the United States remains high, median income stagnant

Groups lay out arguments against EPA over ozone problem in Uintah Basin

Utah lawmaker proposes CPR training for barkeepers

Dental benefits still not realized by Utah Medicaid participants

Lawmakers discuss role of teacher training in closing state’s achievement gap

Service: Gunnison sage grouse listing, protection will cost millions to Utah, Colorado

Salt Lake County receives $2.5M grant to remove lead in old homes

Many children remain unnecessarily uninsured in Utah

Count My Vote launches initiative to change Utah’s primary elections

More Utahns raising relatives’ children due to parents’ substance abuse

More divorced, widowed Americans choosing to stay single


Count My Vote kicks off initiative effort (Daily Herald)

Mayor’s towing program asks for higher standard (Daily Herald)

Legislature looking to move party convention dates in 2014 (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Audit = good government (Standard-Examiner)

Audit of Utah Attorney General’s Office shelved for now (Standard-Examiner)

Audit: State wastes millions on managing prison parolees (Standard-Examiner)

Audit says Utah prison overfeeding female inmates (Standard-Examiner)