National Headlines 9-19-13

Boehner challenges Senate GOP to ‘get the job done’ on defunding (The Hill)

Lawmakers clash over Benghazi ‘whitewash’ (The Hill)

Obama enlists Clinton for tag team event touting healthcare law (The Hill)

Washington Navy Yard opening 3 days after massacre (Fox News)

DeLay conviction overturned (Houston Chronicle)

Boehner blasts Obama for bargaining with Putin, not Congress ahead of budget vote (Fox News)

Obama Calls Record U.S. Exports a Big ‘Bright Spot’ in Recovery (Bloomberg)

Family Research Council Shooter Gets 25 Years (Associated Press)

Court: Facebook ‘Likes’ Are Protected Speech (Entrepreneur)

Zuckerberg says he’s in D.C. for immigration — and optimistic (Politico)

Measure of US Economy’s Health up 0.7 Percent (ABC News)

Bob Goodlatte to deliver online sales tax plan (Politico)