Study: Utah Taxpayers Get Good Return on Investment

A new study from says Utah taxpayers get the 7th-best return on investment for the money they pay in federal and state taxes.

According to the numbers, Utah's tax rate is the 14th-lowest in the country. That includes state and local tax rates.


Source: WalletHub

The study also looked at several metrics to see how those tax dollars are used. They found Utah's overall level of government services were 7th-highest. Utah scored high in a number of categories measured in the study.

  • Infrastructure rank – 8th
  • Health rank – 7th
  • Economy rank – 3rd
  • Safety – 12th

Utah also scored the 5th-best roads and bridges in the study.

However, Utah's total ranking was dragged down because the state was below-average in two categories:

  • Education – 26th
  • Pollution – 28th

Other states joining Utah in the top-10 for taxpayer ROI:

  1. Alaska
  2. Wyoming
  3. Montana
  4. Delaware
  5. Idaho
  6. Colorado 
  7. Utah
  8. New Hampshire
  9. South Dakota
  10. Nevada

The bottom five states were Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas.