NGA Chair Hosts ‘Delivering Results’ Summit

National Governors Association Chair Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper brought together state teams to discuss his chair’s initiative, Delivering Results. Joining him were NGA Vice Chair Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin. 

Hickenlooper’s initiative focuses on streamlining state government operations to deliver people better results.

Delivering Results is about transforming state government to make it work efficiently and effectively in delivering services,” Gov.Hickenlooper said. “Across the country, governors are cutting bureaucratic red tape and making government work better for people and businesses.”

Delivering Results centers on three core tenets:

  • Hiring the best and the brightest leadership team;
  • Adopting innovative performance improvement practices that use data and evidence to drive results; and
  • Improving regulations and requirements so they protect the public but also make it easy to work with state government and without impeding economic growth.

“Governors want to give the people of our states the best bang for their buck on the taxes they pay. That includes making sure government works in the best way possible,” said Gov. Herbert. “I am happy to join my colleague Gov. Hickenlooper in discussing how to deliver people results.” 

“In Oklahoma, we are committed to keeping government lean, looking for opportunities to cut costs and operate more efficiently,” Gov. Fallin said. “That is why I’ve chosen to attend this summit on Delivering Results and support my fellow governors.”

At the NGA Summer Meeting in July, Gov. Hickenlooper will provide governors with a toolkit that synthesizes information from the summit and other aspects of the initiative.