National Headlines 4-27-15

A Lame Duck From Day One (Politico)

Rand Paul: Ousting Saddam was a ‘mistake’ (The Hill)

Obama: Trade critics being ‘unrealistic’ (The Hill)

Baltimore police, protesters clash; 15 officers hurt (USA Today)

Can yet another ‘deep dive’ probe of Hillary Clinton dent her juggernaut? (Christian Science Monitor)

Former Md. Gov. O’Malley: Saddened By Baltimore’s Pain (CBS News)

How Ted Cruz came off looking inclusive in N.Y. gay rights spat (Christian Science Monitor)

Hillary’s Cynical Song of Self (Wall Street Journal)

Bush weighs in on Obama’s Iran, ISIS challenges (FOX News)

3 ex-Treasury secretaries say gridlock harms economy (USA Today)

Corinthian’s Last Rites (Wall Street Journal)