What’s the ‘Healthiest’ County in Utah?

Utah is consistently ranked amongst the "healthiest" states in the union because of the numerous outdoor activities the state affords residents and low number of smokers. But which county is the healthiest in Utah? 

According to an analysis by 24/7 Wall Street, Cache County is tops in the Beehive State. 


Cache County, Utah

> Pct. without health insurance: 15.1%

> Pct. food insecure: 15.9%

> Obesity rate: 22.4%

> 2013 unemployment rate: 3.6%

Just 4.6% of Cache County residents were smokers, lower than even the 9.4% of Utah residents who smoked, itself the lowest smoking rate compared to all states. Also, only 6.3% of Cache County residents reported either binge drinking or heavy drinking in the past 30 days, lower than the 9.3% of Utah residents who reported doing so, which again was nearly the lowest compared to other states. Such healthy habits may have helped lengthen and improve the quality of life in the county.