National Headlines 5-7-15

Hillary Clinton’s election to lose (Politico)

The GOP’s Game of Thrones (Politico)

Chris Christie faces another blow (Politico)

Jeb: George W. Bush my closest adviser on Israel (The Hill)

’16 hopefuls rush to weigh in on NSA ruling (The Hill)

Senate overwhelmingly approves Iran review bill in 98-1 vote (The Hill)

US-Mexico border braces for summer migrant surge as children risk lives alone (Guardian)

U.S. NSA’s phone spying programme ruled illegal by appeals court (Reuters)

Iowa GOP aims to scale back sideshow at its 2016 straw poll (Associated Press)

Ohio man held in alleged U.S. Capitol plot hit with new charge (Reuters)

Obama Chooses Nike Headquarters to Make His Pitch on Trade (New York Times)