Salt Lake City Residents Say They’re Mostly Satisfied with City Services

Salt Lake City residents are mostly satisfied with city services according to a new survey.

We asked 366 registered voters to rate their satisfaction with nine services provided by the city ranging from garbage pickup to police response time. Respondents were asked to rate these services on a scale from one to five, with five being the highest.
The Fire Department got the highest marks with 51% saying they were "very satisfied." The mean score for fire services was a whopping 4.44. Only 2% said they were either "very" or "somewhat dissatisfied."
Next highest was paramedic services that got a mean tally of 4.35. 43% said they were "very satisfied." Only 3% scored this as a one or a two.
Even the services that scored low marks still got ratings of three or better from a majority of our respondents.
On the bottom end of the scale was traffic enforcement which residents gave a mean score of 3.30. Only 12% said they were "very satisfied." 20% of our respondents scored them a one or a two.
Street maintenance also scored low in relation to other services provided by the city. The mean score was 3.34 with only 15% saying they were "very satisfied." 22% scored it on the lower-end of the scale.
Salt Lake City's recycling and garbage services get high marks with 83% scoring garbage collection a four or five on our scale while 65% gave recycling similar ratings.
There's no significant dissatisfaction with city services in any of our demographics. Younger voters (18-25 years old) gave lower ratings to parking enforcement while elderly voters are unhappy with street maintenance.
Our survey was conducted by Dan Jones and Associates from April 9-15, 2015. We talked with 366 registered Salt Lake City voters via telephone and online means. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 5.12%.