What Would Happen if You Tried to Print Out the Entire Internet?

How much paper would it take to print out the entire internet? According to some new calculations, that would be 136 billion sheets of paper.

Two students in the UK say the number of web pages on the internet is about 4.5 billion. They say the resulting stack of paper would be about 8,300 miles high.

From Business Insider:


They went one step further to then gauge how many trees it would take to manufacture 136 billion sheets of paper.

"It is possible to obtain approximately 17 reams of paper per usable tree," they write in their report.

There are about 500 sheets of paper per ream. After that, it just takes a quick calculation to figure out that it would take 16 million trees to print 136 billion sheets of standard 8-by-11 sheets of paper. That's more than three times the number of trees growing in New York City at this moment.