Writer Shows How Easy it is to Get a Utah Concealed Carry Permit

A writer for Mother Jones Magazine uses Utah’s concealed carry law to get a permit on the East coast.

Tim Murphy details just how easy it is for him (or anyone else) to get a permit in Utah that allows him to carry a concealed weapon in 32 other states.

Dukes’ presentation focuses mostly on the law, or lack thereof, in Utah. He walks us through the verbal warnings we should give before using lethal force, but ends with a caveat: “In Utah, you’re not obligated to do that. You don’t have to do the hokey pokey and then turn yourself around.” In 1994, Utah was one of the first states to adopt a so-called Stand Your Ground law, the expansive self-defense doctrine
now on the books in dozens of states and made famous after George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin.

We listen to a 911 call from a Utah woman whose husband had just killed a home invader. Dukes asks us what we’d do in that situation, and one of my classmates, who has already committed to moving to Texas to escape Maryland’s gun-grabbing government, says immediately that she’d pull the trigger. Dukes’ lesson: If you’re not prepared to kill, you’re not prepared to carry.