Take the Envision Utah Survey to Have a Voice in Utah’s Future

Utahns don’t have a lot of time left to help plan the future of the state.

The ambitious Envision Utah initiative to get 50,000 Utahns to take an in-depth survey indicating choices for future growth is scheduled to end in the next few weeks.

Utah’s population is projected to nearly double by 2050, and that has serious ramifications for education, transportation, the environment, land use planning, and Utah’s overall quality of life.

Ari Bruening, Envision Utah chief operation officer, sent me these reasons why Utahns should take the survey and share their vision:

·       This process really will make a difference. Governor Herbert requested it and is following it. The vision done in the late 1990s made a tangible difference—TRAX, Frontrunner, less water use, less land developed, etc.

·       As we grow, Utah faces real issues that will affect you and your family. How will we use limited resources? Where will water come from—your yard, agriculture, new projects? What will our air quality look like, and what changes are you willing to make? Will we produce local food to feed ourselves?

·       The choices in the survey were framed by hundreds of experts from around the state.

·       Smart planning doesn’t just happen. We need to think long-term and make sure we’re headed somewhere that matches what Utahns want—and that’s why you need to weigh in.

·       Already tens of thousands of Utahns have shared their voice—don’t let yours be left out. Don’t let others decide the future for you. And don’t let the future be left to chance.

What’s your vision for Utah’s future? The survey is at www.envisionutah.org. Go weigh in and encourage others to do the same.