No Worries About NSA Surveillance

I admit that I worry about a lot of things. But the National Security Agency is not one of them. I have only so much ire, and I can’t waste it on inconsequential things like whether the NSA is spying on me, listening to my phone calls, or reading my email. I prefer to save my ire for things that matter.

Apparently, I’m in the minority, however, because a poll conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union (can we trust it?) says most Americans don’t like NSA spying and think the Patriot Act should be changed to prevent such activity. The Patriot Act must be reauthorized in the next few days and the House has already voted to end NSA’s bulk phone records collection.

Personally, I don’t worry a bit about NSA aggregating millions of phone numbers and scanning them to see if any match numbers associated with terrorists. In fact, I’m glad they’re doing that. That’s one important way to prevent horrific attacks on Americans.

Every day in America thousands of credit cards are hacked and identities are stolen. Every day in America people post immense amounts of information about themselves on social media for everyone to see. Every day in America, hundreds of private businesses track every move millions of people make on the Internet, and also track where you are at any moment via GPS on your phone.

I find all of those activities far more dangerous to my personal privacy and well-being than the NSA compiling phone records that aren’t even connected to an individual unless they become a suspect.

All the uproar over the NSA is just plain dumb, when so many other scary digital things are possible and are happening every moment. I can find many, many people who have been hurt by identify theft. Can anyone find anyone who has been hurt by the NSA?

On the other hand, NSA activities are critical to keep America safe and identify threats before they happen.

There are far more important things to get worked up about than the NSA. You’re more likely to die in an avalanche or get struck by lightning than be hurt by the NSA.  

And I’m really glad the NSA has a terrific facility in Utah, providing excellent jobs and improving our economy. Yes, it uses a lot of energy and water. So do a lot of other worthwhile endeavors.

It’s keeping us safe. We should welcome and applaud the NSA, not demand the facility be shut down. State legislators and others who oppose the NSA are naïve and ill-informed.