Anderson Encourages Support for TPA

In his Deseret News column, Zions Bank President & CEO Scott Anderson thanked Sen. Orrin Hatch for his work on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), and called on the Utah’s congressional delegation to support the trade legislation.

Robust international trade is absolutely critical to the economies of the United States and Utah. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are dependent on international trade, and America’s standing in the world is at stake.

America must lead the world in two ways: militarily and economically. History proves conclusively that when America does not vigorously engage with the world, prudently using both its military might and economic might, then terrible things happen — like world wars, economic depressions, increased terrorism and more worldwide poverty and suffering.

International trade is a critical part of America’s economic strength. The more the world is tied together economically, the less the likelihood of war and conflict.

International trade is also critical for national, state and local economies. Utah is a relatively small state in the Intermountain West. But international trade accounts for one in five Utah jobs — 374,963 total — according to the Business Roundtable. And trade-related jobs are growing twice as fast as total employment.

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