Bishop: Administration Sage Grouse Announcement is about Controlling Land, Not Saving Bird

Today, Chairman Rob Bishop (UT-01) responded to the Obama Administration’s announcement of federal land use plans for the Greater Sage Grouse.

“This is just flat out wrong. If the Administration really cares about the bird they will adopt the state plans as they originally said they would. The state plans work. This proposal is only about controlling land, not saving the bird.

“Our Committee has held hearings on how the federal agencies are not working with the states. When I became Chairman I held high hopes that this Administration would try to be more cooperative. This announcement is not cooperation; it is not collaboration, and it is not a solution. It is just wrong.  

“I call on this Administration to work with the states and Congress. Together, we can solve this problem. Without working together, the Sage Grouse suffers and we fail.”