WSJ Editorial Lambastes Lee, Cruz for Obamacare Strategy

The Wall Street Journal editorial board says Sens. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz should reap what they sow if they shut down the government in an effort to defund Obamacare.

While the WSJ agrees with the policy intent of getting rid of Obamacare, they say the strategy employed by Lee and Cruz is misguided and wrong, and they should be held responsible if the strategy backfires on the GOP.

The Lee-Cruz strategy, to the extent it’s about more than fund-raising lists or getting face time on cable TV, seems to be that if the House holds “firm” amid a shutdown, then the public will eventually blame Mr. Obama and the Democrats, who will then fold and defund ObamaCare. Or, short of that, Democrats might agree to delay the health-care law for another year past its launch date on October 1.

Miracles happen, but it would rank as one for the ages if Mr. Obama agreed to defund his signature Presidential achievement. A year’s delay would also be a victory, but Mr. Obama knows that punting the law past the 2014 election is risky if Republicans regain a Senate majority.

We’ve lost this debate, and Generals Cruz and Lee are in charge. If they do succeed and defund ObamaCare, we’ll gladly give them due credit. But if things don’t go well, let’s not hear any excuses about “the surrender caucus” or claims that it would all have worked out if only everyone were as brave and principled as the generals up at HQ.