National Headlines 6-3-15

George W. Bush outpolls Barack Obama (Politico)

Jeb Bush’s ambassador to millennials: Jeb Jr. (Politico)

Whip List: Obama’s trade pitch faces tougher sell in House (The Hill)

Dem: Obama taking trade fight too personally (The Hill)

Boehner: We don’t have votes yet on trade (The Hill)

Boston terrorism suspect had planned to attack police officers, FBI says (Washington Post)

The Definitive H&H Lincoln Chafee Scouting Report (Bloomberg)

Supreme Court allows execution of Texas’s oldest death row inmate (USA Today)

State Senate advances sweeping climate change legislation (Los Angeles Times)

Six things to know about Rick Perry (USA Today)

Congressman Who Knew Of Dennis Hastert Abuse Rumor Urged Restraint During ’06 Scandal (Huffington Post)