Prison Relocation Commission Sets Date for Public Hearing

A formal public hearing on four potential sites for a new Utah State Correctional Facility will be held Tuesday, June, 16, 2015, at 6 Room 30 of the House Building on Capitol Hill.

The hearing follows three informational meetings held in late May and early June in each of the three communities where potential sites are located – Salt Lake City, Grantsville, and the Eagle Mountain/Fairfield area. 
"The hearing will provide another opportunity for the public to weigh in on critical decisions that will significantly improve our corrections and criminal justice system," says Rep. Brad Wilson, co-chair of the PRC with Sen. Jerry Stevenson. “We want to ensure that we fully understand the questions and concerns that citizens in host communities and elsewhere clearly have."
While a large crowd is expected, PRC members are committed to hearing everyone who wishes to speak. Citizens will be asked to sign up at the event to speak and will have a time limit to share their comments. Written comments will also be accepted.
Overflow seating will be provided in Rooms 20 and 25 of the House Building. As with all PRC meetings, proceedings will be broadcast online via the Legislature’s website,, for people to listen remotely.  
Informational displays and handouts will be available in the lobby outside the meeting rooms.
In the coming months, the PRC will make a final site recommendation to the Governor and Legislature, which is expected to vote on the recommendation in a special session later this year. Members of the commission are: Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson, co-chair; Rep. Brad R. Wilson, co-chair; Sen. Karen Mayne; Sen. Evan J. Vickers; Rep. Francis D. Gibson; Rep. Eric K. Hutchings; Rep. Mark A. Wheatley; Rollin Cook, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Corrections; and Ron Gordon, Executive Director of the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.
The four finalist sites being considered by the PRC as the new location for the Utah State Correctional Facility are: 
     * I-80 / 7200 West in Salt Lake County – This site is located west of the Salt Lake City International Airport. 
     * Lake Mountains West in Utah County – This site is located at the southernmost part of Eagle Mountain City.
     * Cedar Valley South in Utah County – This site is located southwest of Eagle Mountain City at the southern end of the town of Fairfield along SR 73.      
     * SR 138 Industrial Site in Tooele County – This site is located near the Walmart Distribution Center on the west side of SR 138 in Grantsville.  
For more information about the Prison Relocation Commission, please visit the commission websites at