Press Release: County Officials Should Halt The Sales Tax Hike

Today, Americans for Prosperity Utah reacted with disappointment in response to news that counties are considering allowing a quarter-cent sales tax hike to proceed to the November ballot. 

State Director Evelyn Everton released the following statement:

“We are disappointed to hear that county commissions would even consider allowing a sales tax hike to move forward. As responsible legislators, county officials should be working to protect their constituents from harmful legislation like the ‘local sales tax option.’ If approved, the new tax would increase the price of nearly everything that families need.

"Even worse? Almost half the funding would go to the wasteful Utah Transit Authority — where it’s common practice to use taxpayer dollars to award massive executive bonuses. Utahns are already adjusting their budgets for the new gas and property tax hikes. Allowing a vote on a bill to hike the sales tax, just wouldn’t be fair.”