Uber No Longer Allows Guns in Their Vehicles

Uber has reversed course and adopted a "strict, no-firearms policy" when it comes to their drivers and passengers.

Previously, Uber required all drivers to "abide by local, state and federal laws" when it came to firearms in vehicles. That policy came under scrutiny after an Uber driver in Chicago, who had a concealed carry permit, shot a man who was firing a pistol at a group of people.

The New Republic first reported the shift in policy for the ridesharing company. An Uber spokesperson sent the magazine a statement about the change:

We have adopted a no-firearms policy to ensure that both riders and drivers feel safe and comfortable on the platform. We made this policy change after assessing existing policies and carefully reviewing recent feedback from both riders and driver-partners. 

Lyft, another ride-sharing group, already has a no weapons policy for their drivers and passengers.