Office of the Utah State Auditor Launches Online Training Series for Local Government Finance Professionals

The Office of the Utah State Auditor today announced that it has launched a series of online training webinars for finance professionals working at local government entities such as cities and counties. 

With the launch of this series, the Office continues its efforts to use technology to help accomplish the mission of the Office, ensuring the timeliness and accessibility of crucial information, while enhancing transparency and reducing costs. 

The goal of this series is to deliver key information for local government finance professionals in a timely manner, ensuring these professionals have clarity on new and updated statutes and the guidelines that they are required to follow in managing the finances of their entity.  In addition, because each person who needs the latest information on these topics can access it from their own computer, the series dramatically increases the availability of this key information to all local government professionals.  By reducing the travel of local government personnel, as well as of Office personnel, this training series helps to reduce the time demands of training.

As each live webinar series is completed, it is posted online to be available “on demand” for any individuals who were not available for the live sessions, as well as for later review. The schedule for upcoming sessions and recorded webinars are available at the Office’s Local Government Trainingsection of  Future sessions will also include topics of interest to local government elected officials and citizens.