Salt Lake’s “Jungle Refugee Scout Troop” To Visit Home for First Time

Boy Scout Troop 1262, affectionately known as Salt Lake’s “Jungle Refugee Scout Troop,” were honored in a congressional ceremony on Thursday. 

The troop is home to more than 100 Karen and Karenni Boys from Myanmar and Thailand, who will be returning to their former homes in Thailand and Myanmar for the first time, after receiving help from Senator Hatch to get their visas. The Senator honored members of the troop and their leaders as examples of the American Dream. Parents and officials attended the vent as well. 

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Senator Hatch said, “My office became aware of this special scout troop a few months back when Scout Master Nebeker asked for help in expediting travel documents to ensure that all of the young men would be able to attend the World Jamboree.  Now, not only will these young men have the opportunity to attend the World Jamboree, they will then travel to Thailand to visit relatives in Thai Refugee camps, and other relatives in Myanmar – the first time for many to ever visit their homelands.”

In a short program, one of the young scouts spoke about the importance of the scouting program in his life, and thanked Senator Hatch for his help in making this exciting trip a reality. Senator Hatch also delivered short remarks, recognizing the hard work of the troop and scoutmaster Nebeker. He also presented each scout with a pin and pocket-sized copy of the constitution. 


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