Utah’s Unions are Among the Weakest in the U.S.

Maybe this is why Utah's Democratic Party is in such dire straits. A new analysis says the Beehive State has the third weakest unions in the nation.

Wall Street 24/7 looked at which states had the lowest union membership. Utah was #3 on that list. They also analyzed unemployment rates plus income and poverty data to come up with their rankings. Only South Carolina and North Carolina fared worse.

> Pct. of workers in unions:
> Union workers: 45,754 (10th lowest)
> 10-yr. change in union membership: -9.4% (20th lowest)
> Unemployment rate: 3.8% (4th lowest)

With only 3.7% of its workers active members of organized labor, Utah is tied with Mississippi for the third lowest proportion of unionized workers. Out of its total employed population of more than 1.2 million, only 45,754 were union members. Although more than 1 million — the vast majority of Utah’s labor force — works in the private sector, only 2.1% were union members. On the other hand, 11.5% of government workers were unionized. Consequently, the majority of Utah’s union members work in the public sector, and not the much larger private sector Less than 21,000 private sector workers were unionized compared to 24,788 of the state’s 215,113 public sector employees.

In fact, the bottom five states in union membership all have strong Republican identities, while four of the top five states are Democratic controlled (the only exception is Alaska).