National Headlines 7-8-15

Donald Trump, clickbait (Politico)

Obama said to put odds of an Iran deal at ‘less than 50-50’ (Politico)

New Obama housing rules target segregated neighborhoods (The Hill)

New York Stock Exchange resumes trading after more than three-hour suspension (The Hill)

Lindsey Graham takes on Clinton, Trump over immigration (CNN)

Latinos surpass whites as largest ethnic group in California (Christian Science Monitor)

FBI chief: Terror group turning to encrypted communications (Washington Post)

Donald Trump: I didn’t expect business backlash to be ‘quite this severe’ (CBS News)

Army Advances Its Plan to Cut 40,000 Troops by a Year to 2017 (Bloomberg)

Crime up 13 percent in Los Angeles, reversing declines (Associated Press)

Relatives of Charleston victims urge Congress to vote on gun law (Reuters)